Manufacturers of Structural Steel Fasteners: Clevises, Pins, Sleeve Nuts, Coupling Nuts, Heavy Hex Nuts | Wecall Inc

Structural Fastening Solutions

Wecall pin, clevis and heavy hex nutAt Wecall, we combine high-quality materials, extensive application knowledge and expert manufacturing to create specialized fasteners for the construction industry.

Our products are used to create connections in structural steel, concrete and timber construction. Our standard product line includes forged clevises, turnbuckles, clevis pins, coupling nuts, sleeve nuts, pins with recess nuts, large heavy hex nuts and square nuts. Our custom fastener capabilities include machined clevises, large turnbuckle assemblies, bridge bearing pins and more.

We put our experience, engineering skills and machining expertise to work to create cost-effective products to meet your structural fastening needs. Helping customers resolve unusual fastening problems and job site emergencies is part of our everyday routine.